Electric airplanes can fly 3 times farther from now by applying the following simple concept…

Current battery technology is sufficient for viable electric aviation if we do not take all the empty batteries to the end destination.

Why all electric airplane developers so far plan to do so?

Lets think literally out of the box of the airplane itself!

Imagine that the half of the battery capacity is put in an external wing. After reaching cruise altitude at around one third of the flight these batteries detach and fly back autonomously to the airport.

Since most of the energy of the flight goes into take-off after detaching the batteries there is much less energy needed to keep the plane on altitude.

In this case the airplane starts to use its own batteries after take of at one third of it’s flight. Since it only have to keep altitude and glide down to its end destination it can easily get 3 times further, or carry three times more passengers/cargo.