The Aqa Supreme 32 sailing yacht is designed by a vision to bring back the beauty of classic yachts in a brandnew contemporary form.

Old ships and boats were beautiful. At that time designers payed more attention to how ships looked above the deck. Today sailing yachts have often a beautiful body, but above the deck they are more like a plastic caravan.

Sailing is about being part of the nature, so ships have to look like something living and natural. To follow our vision, the form of our sailing-yacht is inspired by beautiful dinamic see creatures like a sharks and dolphines.

The design job has been comissioned by the G-Profil shipyard and it is one of a series of ships with a revolutional designs. Currently it is under construction.

If you are interested in being the owner of first historical piece or you want to invest in a company building superior sailing yachts and motorboats feel free to contact us. We still have space onboard.